Intravenous infusion is an addition of drugs to any infusion container with solutions usually normal saline or dextrose. It is given in the following situation:

  1. If we require constant plasma concentration of the drug.
  2. If an administration of a more concentrated solution would be harmful so we dilute and provide via infusion.

The following are things that needs to be cared for:

  1. Add only one drug to any infusion container.
  2. Make sure the components are compatible.
  3. If available use read and prepared solution.
  4. Avoid adding drugs to blood products, mannitol or sodium bicarbonate.
  5. Before using the solution make sure you thoroughly shake and also check for any particulate matter.
  6. Maintain asepsis.
  7. Do not use the giving set for more than 24 hours.
  8. Monitor patient throughout for any reaction and also examine an infusion solution for any cloudiness, crystalline or change in colour or contamination.
  9. Labell the infusion container with the following information without interfering with information on manufacturer’s label:
  • Name of patient
  • Name and quantity of additives
  • Date and time of addition

10. Do not throw away the used container immediately because it might be required for any investigation if


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