How will you diagnose the Lymphangiomas?

As a rule the diagnosis is apparent and are made on clinical grounds

Ultrasound scanning may help

  • To make prenatal diagnosis and there are report of infants being treated ex-utero to airway problems at birth.
  • It reveals the cystic nature of the lesion and it relationship to the surrounding tissues.
  • It will distinguish between micro and macrocystic disease.

CT and MRI delineates

  • the extent of the lesion.
  • facilitates accurate diagnosis and pre-treatment planing.
  • Determine size and the exact anatomical location
  • Demonstrates it relationship with surrounding structure

MRI preferred more due to soft tissue delineation better and avoidance of ionizing relation.

(No operation should be conducted without pre-operative chest CT scan to R/O mediastinal involvement)

no/little value only if underlying neoplasia is suspected.

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