How will you treat lymphangioma? What are different modalities of management of neck lymphangioma? How will you treat lymphangioma without surgery?

If the lymphangioma is -small, cosmetically and functionally acceptable then observation and no treatment is required. Broomhead(1964) proposed 15% have spontaneous regression.


Repeated aspiration

  • To relieve from rapid growth in size causing pressure symptoms
  • Awaiting definitive treatment.

If supraglothc involvement: debulk by endoscopic vaporization using a CO2 laser.

Sclerotherapy: ultrasound Guidance

  • Aspiration and the installation of sclerosant.
  • Sclerosants are:
    • Bleomyin
    • Tetracyclines
    • Alcohols

Doxycycline: A concentration of 10mg/ml doxycycline used via catheter in 3 instillation with a dose range of 50 to 500 mg/session

  • useful for macro cystic.
  • It can also be given as injection through the access needles.
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