Name middle ear implants. How does a vibrant sound bridge work?

  • Middle ear implants are:
    • Current Devices
      • Vibrant sound bridge
      • Otologics (TM) middle ear transducers
      • Esteem(R) – hearing implant
    • Devices not currently available
      • Soundtec (R) Direct Drive Hearing System
      • Semi – implantable middle ear electromagnetic hearing device
      • Rion partially implantable hearing aid
      • Totally implantable cochlear amplifier

The Vibrant sound bridge is developed by Symphonix and currently by Med-EL (Innsbruck Austria) it is an active semi-implantable hearing device. It consist of :

  1. Internal surgically implanted part.The vibrating ossicular prosthesis (VORP) made up of a receiving coil, conductor link and transducer. The transducer employs a small electromagnetic coil and enclose magnet to produce vibrations in this floating mass transducer, which is couple to the long process of the incus.
  2. The external audio processor.


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