What are the indication for MRI (diffusion weighted MRI ) ?

Nuclear machine studies


  • inactive intermittent, small/questionable CFS leak
  • Leaks not revealed by CT cysternography.
  • Detect presence rather than precise localization.
  • Radio isotopes introduced in CSF by Lumbar Puncture /suboccipital to determine its distribution
  • Localization may be improved by introducing pledgets into the different region of the nose and examining these with a gamma counter.

Different agents used in diffusion weighted MRI are:

  • RAI-131
  • RA iodinated serum Albumin(RISA)
  • Ytterbium 169
  • Diethylenetriamine penta acetic acid (DTPA)
  • indium 11 -DTPA
  • Tc-99m
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