Tag: malignant otitis externa

malignant otits externa
Jul 18

What is the role of hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Malignant Otitis Externa?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is often used in the center with easy access to hyperbaric chambers. Several authors claim benefits but a satisfactory prospective study has yet to be reported. Hyperbaric

malignant otitis externa
Jul 18

What is the better term for malignant otitis externa? Besides pseudomonas, what are the organism causing it? Justify your investigation.

Maligation otitis externa is a misnomer as it is not a neoplastic process. The nomenclature of this condition is confusing as the term skull base osyeomyelitis and necrotizing external otitis

Malignant otitis externa
Jul 18

What is malignant otitis externa? How do you classify? Describe its pathology, presentation and management options.

Malignant otitis externa is an aggressive and potentially life threatening infection of the soft tissues of the external ear and surrounding structures, quickly spreading to involve the periosteum and bone

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