What are the advantage of PET scan?

  1. It helps to measure difference aspects of tissue metabolism such as
  • Distribution of blood flow
  • Oxygen utilization
  • Protein synthase
  1. It helps to improve the staging of neck.
  2. FDG-PET can detect more 1 sites compared conventional assessment.
  3. It help to detect occult 1.
  4. It is useful in detection of synchronous malignancies as it can scan the entire body for disease which is often not possible other techniques.
  5. FDG PET is more accurate than conventional methods for assessment of recurrent/ residual disease.
  6. It helps to avoid unnecessary deep biopsies by assisting the selection of sites for further biopsies in biopsy negative patients.
  7. FDG PET can detect metastases e.g.hurthle cell carcinoma/Anaplastic carcinoma.
  8. FDG PET is potentially useful as a surveillance tool for patient c high risk of relapse.


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