What are the application/ current indication of PET scan in otorhinolaryngology?

  1. SCC patients with
    1. Equivocal nodal disease following conventional assessment, especially if the nodes in question are not accessible  USG or USG FNAC has not provided conclusive result.
    2. Suspicion of recurrent/ residual disease c and radiological assessment.

2. Patient c occult primary:

FDG- PET CT scan should be considered prior to EUA and after and after full clinical assessment, laryngospy/ fibreoptic endoscopy and CT/MRI fails to show 1° tumour.

3. Post treatment papillary and follicular thyroid cancer patients c elevated thyroglobulin and negative 131-I scan.

4. Patient c clinical suspicious of more disease than conventional assessment demonstrates  (synchronous)

5. Patient where respectability is a doubt.

6. Patient c indeterminate lung lesions which are not accessible to per cutaneous (not ENT) biopsy or where a pneumothorax would be particularly hazardous

7. After cochlear implant; assessment of cochlear implants and their pattern on stimulation of CNS.





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