What are the catheters used in embolization?

  • Depending on the vessels catheterized:
    • Trans-arterial
    • Trans-venous
  • Micro-catheters(0.02 /0.508mm) or small
    • Flexible distal end
    • Stiffer proximal end
Flow directed Over the wire catheters
extremely light and supple distal end so that they are carried by anterograde blood flow to target positronThese are pushed over a guide wire to the objective.
works best when blood flows is up. e.g. arterio-venous shuntsUsed when blood flows is slower.
size limits the use of liquids and very small particles.combination of guide wire + a stiffer catheters makes navigation easier.
e.g. Head and neck tumour
Large lumen allows delivery of both particles and coils.
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