What are the tumours in ENT treated with selective embolization? List skull base tumours which may benefit from preoperative embolization.

The following are the head and neck and skull base tumours treated by embolization.

commonly treated tumours

  1. Meningioma (skull base most benefited)
  2. Paraganglioma(skull base most benefited)
  3. Juvenile angiofibroma
  4. Hemangiopericytoma

Less frequently treated tumours

  1. Schwannoma
  2. Carcinoid
  3. Alveolar sarcoma
  4. Thyroid carcinoma
  5. Granular cell myoblastoma
  6. Capillary haemangioma
  7. Esthesioneuroblastoma
  8. Neuronoma


Meningiom (meningeal branches from both ICA and ECA)

Paraganglioma: Ascending pharyngeal artery- 10% multifocal, 5% ecrete catecholamines

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