What is Antibody- dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) ? Explain with examples?

Antibody- dependent cellular cytotoxicity is a process known to be effective in the destruction of virus infected cells, appears to act on Epstein induced membrane antigens.

It is capable of destroying the infected cells.

ADCC antibodies may represents a functional immune response against tumour cells in vivo.

ADCC antibody titre is highest in long term survivors.

Good prognosis is indicated by high ADCC antibody titres. The titres appears to be independent of the disease stage.

ADCC antibody clearly demonstrate its value as a biological titre in determining the survival of patient.

e.g. Natural Killer cells also express FCR specific for IgG and so can interact with and kill, target cell via antibodies that have been bound to antigens expressed in the surface membrane of the target cells as may happen during the formation of budding viruses

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