What is fundamental mechanism (principle of PET) of FDG-PET scan?

Position emission tomography (PET) identifies pathology based on altered tissue metabolism

The fundamental imaging relies on radioactive molecule (radio tracer) that decays with positron emission .


  • The radiotracer (FDG ) is given intravenously to the patient
  • FDG taken into cells. And cell recognizes it as being “Foreign”
  • Trapped early in its metallic pathway.

(Malignant cells trap more radio-tracer compared c non-malignant cells)

  • Position travels a short distance in tissue before colliding c electrons
  • Annihilation reaction resulting 2 photons known as gamma rays of 511 Kev.
  • The photon are detected by opposing electron
  • Computer resemble these signals into images which represent radio active tracer uptake in the part of body scanned.



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