what safety precautions should be taken to avoid LASER hazard?

The principles of the safety are as follows:

  1. A laser may hit or damage object outside the target area and cause a fire, tissue damage or eye visual damage.
  2. The patient should be shielded by wet gauze /fire proof material from accidental strikes.
  3. The anesthetic tube and airway should be protected from accidental strikes that could produce a fire.
  4. All personal in operating room should wear correct eye protection appropriate to the wavelength of the laser.
  5. A warning sign plus locked doors should prevent unprotected and unprepared individuals from walking into the operating room when the laser is in use.
  6. The key to switch or the laser should be held by a senior member of the operating team to ensure only properly qualified individual use the laser.
  7. The operating room and window should be laser protected.
  8. Endoscopic equivalent should be blackened to reduce accidental reflective strikes of laser.


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