Why does USG is gaining popularity in modern medicine? What are the advantage of USG?

Doppler USG allows the imaging of blood flow in vessels an important adjustment to grey scale imaging and has allowed greater diagnostic confidence in image inter preparation. It is gaining popularly due to following advantages:

  • With the continuous wave and pulse wave Doppler flow imaging can real-time display inside in cross-section in the direction of blood flow, flow velocity and blood flow state and other important information that can be clearly split and the origin of reflux, location and the direction and nature of disease with narrow the blood flow velocity distribution of the lesion site.
  • The two dimensional colour doppler Ultrasound can quickly and timely identify abnormal blood flowing the phase duration of length.
  • M type of colour doppler ultrasound can observe abnormal blood flow in the phase duration of the length.
  • It can be combined with others techniques such as oesophageal ultrasonic probe for more clear image and information about blood flow.

The following are the advantages of USG

  1. Ultra sound does not use ionizing radiation, making it ideal for paediatric patients as well as for patient requiring multiple examinations in oncological practice.
  2. Ultrasound is readily available and relatively cheap
  3. Ultrasound allows good spatial resolution and “gold standard” in determining whether a focal lesions is cystic or solid surpassing even CT and MRI.
  4. Ultra sound is well tolerated by patient and is a “patient friendly” techniques.
  5. Ultrasound provides diagnostic information c a high degree of accuracy allowing for more efficient use of CT and MRI when choosing how if necessary to image the patient further.
  6. An increasingly important role is to guide intervention procedure such as
    • FNAC
    • Biopsies
    • Drainage and catheters insertions accurately and in real time.
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