What are the advantages of CO2 laser beam in comparison to other laser beam?

  1. Immediate tissue destruction by vaporization unlike cryotherapy which needs many days to allows the tissue destroy by freezing and separately CO2 doesn’t cause pain, oedema and slough or minimal compared to cryotherapy.
  2. Blood less dissection:
    • seals vessels up to 0.5 mm in diameter.
    • also seals lymphatics and has been suggested that this may reduce the spread of malignant cells by the route.
    • also seals endoneurium and avoids amputation neurons
  3. Minimal instrumentation
    • No instruments are needed to deliver the beam to the tissue when used with microscope.
    • Stainless steel mirrors equipped with suction reflect the laser beam so that the lesion in inaccessible area can be treated. e.g.
      • under surface of vocal cords
      • Laryngeal surface of epiglottis
      • Nasopharynx
  4. Precise dissection
  5. Minimal damage to adjacent normal tissues.
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