What is optical coherence tomography? What are its advantages?

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is relatively new optical imaging modality that allows high resolution, cross sectional imaging of tissue microstructure.
  • OCT can image c an axial resolution of 1-15 mm and has an imaging depth of 2-3 mm in non transparent tissue.

ADVANTAGES OF OCT: The following are its advantages

  • OCT imaging can be performed in situ and non destructively enabling the imaging of tissue for which biopsy should be avoided or is impossible.
  • OTC images are 10-100 times that of conventional MRI or USG
  • Imaging can be performed in real time without the need to process a specimen.
  • OCT is fiber optically based and thus can be interfaced to a wide range of instrument including
    • Catheters
    • endoscopes
    • laproscopes
    • Surgical probes
  • OCT system can be engineered to be compact portable and low cost depending on the desire system specifications.
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